Pickup - Dropoff - Rental Period

What is Velosol Rental Bikes schedule?

Velosol Rental Bikes is open from Monday till Saturday from 09:30 to 17:00 (Sundays and holidays on pre-booking)

Can I collect or return my bike in hours where Velosol Rental Bikes is closed?

You should return the material during opening hours or a moment agreed between the parties.

Can I collect my bike the day before the rental starts?

We are aware our customers like to start cycling early in the morning so as a complimentary service, we do our best to get your bike(s) ready the evening before your rental begins. However, please bear in mind that this will not always be possible, especially in high seasons, when there is a high turnover of the bikes and we have to clean and do any necessary maintenance before handing them over to you. Please contact Velosol Rental Bikes for agreement between both parties. If we cannot hand the bike(s) over to you the evening before, you will be able to collect them the day of your rental from 9:30 onwards.

If I rent the bike for 1 day, does it mean 24 hours?

Yes, it will be 24 hours. (ex. 10:00 till 10:00 next day) Any extra hour can be charged.

Can I extend the rental period?

If the bike is available, no problem, you can extend it.

Do you deliver the bike to my hotel or house?

Yes we can, we do have a delivery service for the Marina Alta area. You can add this service with your booking. We will deliver and collect the bike(s) to your given location in the Marina Alta.

Bikesize - Bikefit

Can I bring my own pedals and saddle?

Of course, no problem. We will put them on the bike for you. No extra cost.

How do I know the right bike size for me?

You can find the size – measurement table on our webpage together with other information about the bike

I chose the wrong bike size or model in the reservation. Can I change it?

If we have bikes available in the right size / or model for you, we can change it.

Can I send you my bike measurements?

Of course. When you have completed your booking process, you will receive an email with confirmation in this email there will be an option for fast check-in and bikefitting. There you can write down the seatheight seatlenght, .. .
The bike will be fitted to your sizes before collecting.

Does my bike come with tools?

Our bikes come with a saddle bag with an extra tube, two tire levers, an CO2 pattern. Any used materials well be charged at retail prices.

Can I rent pedals?

Yes, you can rent pedals with your bike. There will be an extra cost of 5 euro for the whole period. You can add them in your reservation in step 2 of the booking process.
Available pedal types:
- Shimano SPD
- Shimano SPD-SL
- Look Keo

Can I hire a helmet or bikeclothes?

For hygienic reasons we don't rent helmets or bikeclothes.
Wearig a helmet is obligated by spanish law, we advise you to bring your own helmet.


Is my bike insured?

No, it is not. You are responsible for any damage to the bike during the rental period. We offer the possibility to get an accidental damage insurance, for 35 euro for the booking period, which covers you up to 500 euro in case the bike is damaged. You can get this insurance in step 2 in the booking process, or upon your arrival to Velosol Rental Bikes. The complete insurance is sold separate and not obligated to contract. Please check Terms and conditions

Do I have the possibility to get an accidental damage insurance?

Yes, you can get it while you are making the bike reservation In step 2 in the booking process. The Complete Insurance has a cost of 35 euro for the complete rental period. It covers accidental bike damage up to 500 euro*. You can also acquire it here upon your arrival to Velosol Rental Bikes.
*(theft not included)

What happen if my bike gets stolen?

If you get the bike stolen you will need to pay for it. You can see all the details in Velosol Rental Bikes Privacy Policy and los Terms and conditions.

First thing you should do is report the theft to the police. You should indicate that is a rental bike from Velosol Rental Bikes. You should provide us with a copy of the police report.

Can I get insurance just in case my bike gets stolen?

We do not offer this option.
Our recommendation is that you get a travel insurance in your country and double check with them if they cover this case.

What should I do if my bike breaks on the road? Assistance on the road...

If the bike is not working as expected, or if it breaks, please call us as soon as possible and we will find a solution. If you cannot ride the bike or if it is dangerous to do so, we will send our technical service car to go wherever you are.

Booking - Payment

I didn’t receive a confirmation email for my booking. What happened?

After finalizing a booking you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Please wait few minutes and check whether it is in your inbox or not. If not, please check your spam folder. If you still do not find it, please contact us at info@velosolcycling.com and we will check the booking, the payment and we will send you a copy of your reservation.

Do I need to bring any ID to collect the bike?

Yes, you have to. It is mandatory that you present your ID or passport when collecting the bike.

Can I combine 2 bikes in the same online reservation?

Every bike needs to be booked separately trough our online booking system. If you want to book more bikes please repeat the bookingsteps.
For bigger group reservations you always can contact info@velosolcycling.com

What debit/credit cards are accepted by Velosol Rental Bikes?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Maestro debit and credit cards trough Paypal and Stripe for the 50% Pre-payment of your rented bike on online bookings. The remaining sum needs to paid in cash or with card when collecting the bike(s).

Can I pay up front?

If the booking is done online through our website you would need to pay a 50% Pre-payment of the rental bike period (calculation excluded from other materials/services) and it must be with a credit/debit card.

What currencies are accepted by Velosol Rental Bikes to materialize the payment?

When paying with cash we only accept Euros.

Is there any age restriction to hire a bike from Velosol Rental Bikes?

Yes, there is. You have to be 16 years old or older. If you are under this age you must come always accompanied by someone else who is at least 16 years old.

Do I have to pay a guarantee?

There will be asked for a guaranteedeposit of 100 euro for the rented material. This deposit needs to be paid in cash when collecting the bike. This deposit can be used for any damage caused by the lessee on bikes and other materials rented from Velosol Rental Bikes during the rental period. No guarantee deposit of 100€ will be asked when the Complete Insurance (25€) is contracted.

Are there any extra costs

Of course not. The price you see in the shopping cart is the final price. *
*Any extra materials, requested after your booking through our shopping cart, will be charged.


1) Rental contract

The contract is entered into by Velosol Rental Bikes and you, who appears as the lessee of the material (bicycles, accessories, extras, etc.) in the rental contract.

2) The reservation

  1. a. To make an online reservation of the bicycles and the other material, you should pay 50% of the total bike rent price (excluded extras and other materials) via our POS terminal. The remaining part should be paid in cash when the bicycles and other material are collected.
    1. Cancelling the reservation. You should contact us by electronic mail to cancel your reservation. If you inform us of said cancellation with at least 45 days’ notice prior to the collection date, we shall return all the reservation money. Said amount shall not be refundable if you notify us of the cancellation with less than 45 days’ notice.
  2. To complete the reservation at our pick-up locations, you should pay the 100% when the contract is signed and the bicycle(s) and other material are collected.

3) Documents required

When you collect the bicycle(s) and other material, you should present a valid and currently effective identity document. You can present your National identity card, foreign residency permit or passport. A driving license or credit/debit card shall not under any circumstance be accepted as a valid document.

You will also be asked to give details about your accommodation, name of hotel, address and room number. You can speed up your check-in by filling in the following form with your personal information, residence address in Spain, pick up and drop off hours, bikes measurement setups.

4) Collection and return point

The bicycle(s) and other material shall be delivered and returned at
- Velosol Cycling Bar in Calle Iglesia 14, 03727 Xalo,
- Velosol Fitness Center in Calle Los Naranjos 14, 03728 Alcalali
or at a place agreed between the parties.

5) Rental period

You are responsible for the bicycle(s) and other material during the rental period.

  1. The rental period commences when you collect the material and ends when a member of the Velosol Rental Bikes staff receives it.
  2. You should return the material during office opening hours or a moment agreed between the parties.
  3. If you breach the contracted period, you are obliged to pay a penalty of 25€/day.
  4. If the bicycles and the other material are returned before the end of the contracted period, you shall not be returned any amount for the remaining time.

6) Costs

You should pay the amount indicated in the rental contract. This sum shall be paid when the bicycle(s) and other material are delivered. You are also obliged to pay any extension to the rental period. You will also have to pay the costs of any damage or theft that might occur.

7) Deposit

There will be asked for a deposit of 150 euro for the rented material, 200€ for Di2 or electric bikes. This deposit needs to be paid in cash or with card when collecting the bike. This deposit can be used for any damage caused by the lessee on bikes and other materials rented from Velosol Rental Bikes during the rental period.

8) Optional Insurance

An optional insurance that can be contracted includes accidental damage. Insurance Excess, renter is liable for all damage and repair costs up to 500euro if contracted the Velosol Complete Insurance. No Damage Excess Waiver. Theft is not included.

9) The material

Velosol Rental Bikes shall provide you with the bicycle(s) and other material (pedals, helmets, etc.) in perfect condition. You should return all the material in the same condition as they were when they were received, apart from habitual wear and tear (wheels, brakes, etc.).

When the bicycle(s) and other material are returned, the staff of Velosol Rental Bikes shall check them to confirm their condition. If there are any breakages or damage, you are obliged to pay the recommended retail price plus labour to replace or repair each damaged part. For the holders of the Velosol Complete Bike Insurance there will be no costs up to 500 euro of repair/damage.

10) Accidents, theft and damage

You should immediately inform the police, and Velosol Rental Bikes at the earliest opportunity if you have been involved in an accident.

If you lose the bicycle(s) and/or the other material, if it is stolen or damaged, you are obliged to pay the total price of the bicycle(s) or the material at their RRP.

11) Use of the bicycles(s) and other material

  1. You should:
    1. Ride the bicycle(s) with due care and skill. Riding with respect and care for others is essential
    2. Use the bicycle(s) in accordance with Spanish law. Always respect the road and traffic regulations.
    3. Use the bicycle(s) legally and for legal purposes.
    4. Use the security measures and safeguards provided by Velosol Rental Bikes. You are obliged to use said measures whenever you are not using the bicycle(s) Velosol Rental Bikes recommends that you pass a lock through the frame, saddle and wheels, and attach the lock to a fixed object or parking site designed for parking bicycles.
    5. Stop using the bicycle(s) when you detect a problem with them. Inform Velosol Rental Bikes of the problem as soon as possible.
  2. You should not:
    1. Use the bicycle(s) for commercial purposes.
    2. Tow other vehicles with the bicycle(s).
    3. Transport inflammable, explosive, corrosive or combustible substances.

12 - 16) Extras

12) You hereby declare that you are in perfect health and that you know how to use the bicycle(s) and other rented material.

13) You hereby declare that you have not taken drugs, alcohol, dangerous medicines or other prohibited substances prior to renting the bicycle(s) and other material.

14) You must be of legal age to enter into this contract. If you are under age, you must be accompanied by a person of legal age who should give their express authorization.

15) You are responsible for taking out an insurance policy against any risks involved in using the bicycle(s). Velosol Rental Bikes shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any accidents, injuries or deaths, or for any damage or injury caused to third parties. Velosol Rental Bikes shall not be held liable for the loss of any personal items or for the theft of same that might take place during the rental period.

16) Applicable legislation. The application legislation governing the contract between you and Velosol Rental bikes is Spanish legislation and the place of jurisdiction is Denia.

17) Data Protection

We treat the information you provide us in order to provide the requested service, make the billing of the same. The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You have the right to obtain confirmation of whether we are treating your personal data, therefore you have the right to access your personal data, correct inaccurate data or request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary.